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Stainless Steel Bird Ornamental Hanging Mobile
Stainless Steel Bird Ornamental Hanging Mobile

Stainless Steel Bird Ornamental Hanging Mobile

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The Black & Gold Bird Ornamental Hanging Mobile is handcrafted from hardened stainless steel and makes a great addition to your home decor. Hang it under a spotlight for amazing cast shadows. Every bird has one side brass and the other pained black. When the bird moves the colors mix beautifully. Stainless steel parts are hand polished to a Satin finish that reflects the light beautifully.

It is great for children to look at, but not to touch. Inspired by the morphology of a bird's wings, and how they move when flapped. Designed and cut using cutting-edge contemporary technology, then “opened” and “unfolded” manually. The elegant piece is influenced by the traditional Japanese craft of kirigami (which is both the cutting and folding of paper).

The whole bird mobile measures a little more than 24" (60 cm) edge to edge, and 39" (100 cm) top to bottom. The size of individual parts is 9"x4" (22x10 cm). The mobile comes with a line for hanging that is 6' (170 cm) so it will be good for a high space, and it can be shorted very easily. Mobile arrives completely assembled. 7 Oz (200grams)

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