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Horse Garden Topiary Frame
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Horse Garden Topiary Frame

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Enjoy creating your very own Horse Garden Topiary Frame. It is simple to plant and personalize your topiary with your favorite plants. Your fantastic creations will bring smiles for all. The topiary frame is made of steel with a durable matte black powder coat finish. The topiary frame is fabricated to scale for an authentic natural appearance.

Most of our topiary forms are designed in sections this allows us to reduce their packaging volume which results in better shipping rates. It also allows for a greater variety of planting options.

Complete assembly and planting instructions are included with each frame ordered.

All of the frames no matter what your option choice is weather proof, is perfect for table centerpieces, candle holders, special events, weddings, birthdays, holidays. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Constructed of high-quality metal and finished in an elegant matte black powder coating to resist the elements. This frame may be stuffed with sphagnum moss and planted or used as a sculpture or used for a climbing vine or ivy to grow on.

Mossed Frame:
Constructed of high-quality metal and finished in an elegant matte black powder coating to resist the elements the frame is then professionally hand filled with just the right amount of sphagnum moss and treated with "Moss Green" a friendly green spray to enhance the appearance of the mossed topiary. The Sphagnum Moss is your planting medium; it is the "soil" you will use to plant your topiary. You can leave it as is or plant it with your favorite creative plants. Any plants can be used to plant your topiary that grows in your agricultural zone.

The Horse Garden Topiary Frame is available in the following sizes:
17 Inch Size: Height 17" x Length 20" x Width 5"
26 Inch Size: Height 26" x Length 30" x Width 8"
37 Inch Size: Height 37" x Length 38" x Width 12"
49 Inch Size: Height 49 x Length 57 x Width x15
72 Inch Size: Height 72" x Length 81" x Width 19"

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