Our beautiful and unique outdoor garden fountains will provide curb appeal, enjoyment and soothing relaxing sound. We have the perfect wall fountain for your courtyard or patio and the wall fountains can be used indoors as well.

We offer the following types of fountains, indoor ceramic patio fountains, wall fountains that hang on the wall and wall fountains that are free standing. We also have free standing tiered fountain that require a pool, the free standing fountains will give you the most water sound since the water is cascading off of more surface and falling into a pool or fountain basin.

We have figurine fountains made of brass and bronze in many styles such as boys, girls dolphins and herons and egrets spitting water.

We have a beautiful line of fountains made of granite that can be used with our disappearing water basins. The solid granite geometrical shaped fountains are named after hotels in South Beach for there unique vibrancy and mesmerizing water movement and trickling creek sound.

Our very popular fountain spouts and spigots are used by pool contractors, home owners and people that like to build there own fountains. Please phone anytime if you have questions about any of our indoor and outdoor garden water fountains.